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Highly interactive, warm-hearted, thought provoking and wickedly funny


John Cremer has spent more than thirty-five years researching, refining, developing and presenting the Reading People concept.

Initially spending seven years studying the Human Archetypes theory with his teacher James Westly, he went on to further evolve and advance the system, to ensure its relevance and value to any individual, team or organisation.

It is the foundation of his training work and client interactions, and he is continually adding new and current observations to the process.

John is highly in demand as a keynote speaker and trainer, delivering Reading People sessions and courses to companies across the globe, helping them to understand and apply these unique strategies for commercial and interpersonal success and bottom-line benefit.


Voted ‘Speaker of the Decade’ by the Academy for Chief Executives thanks to his deep insights and inimitable personal style, John is also active in the world of improvisation, delivering corporate and public sessions using improvisation as a powerful gateway into listening, communicating and thinking on your feet. He is Emeritus Founder of The Maydays, the renowned Brighton improvisation troupe.



Here’s a 90 minute presentation for Million Dollar Round Table in Philadelphia.

John describes the types, their likes and dislikes and concepts that quickly engage them. He then invites audience volunteers on stage to act as real life examples.


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The Art of Reading People book available to buy now

First published 25 January 2016

If you want to improve how you collaborate with people but also achieve this in the most time efficient and emotionally intelligent ways, this ‘how-to’ guide is for you. Drawing on ancient wisdom, ‘The Art of Reading People’ will teach you how to determine someone’s ‘type’, often within seconds of encountering them.

This information will enable you to choose the best communicative approach to ensure your listener will receive your message in the spirit it was intended (even if you only have 140 characters to convey it). It will revolutionise your relationships, your work and your life.

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  • “I have no hesitation in saying that John is one of the best facilitators/trainers that I have ever encountered. He manages groups with an intuitive skill that is a joy to behold. Being on the receiving end of his coaching can be tough at times, but that’s because he identifies precisely what each individual needs to work on at that moment in time and is unapologetic about pointing it out!”

    Julia E Knight
    Work & Organisational Psychologist, DEJA People
  • “I invited John back to speak to my Academy group in December and what a Christmas treat for my members! John is able to educate, engage, challenge and entertain all at the same time. He is one of the few truly gifted speakers who are able to open the eyes of others to a different view of how things are. Inspiring!”

    David Harding
    Vistage Chairman
  • “John is an incredibly accomplished Speaker, Presenter, Management Team Improver. Of all the many amazing speakers that I came across as part of the academy for Chief Executives - John was one of only two or three that I then paid to impart knowledge to the team back at base. He really is excellent.”

    Chris Davies - CEO speaker conference chair and business adviser
  • “John was the speaker of our “Reading People” conference on the 27th of November 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria.John is one of the best speakers we’ve had. He really connected with the audience and engaged with them. The way he presents is fun and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him without hesitation for your next conference.”

    Ovanes Ovanessian
    Co-founder of Evalato
  • “John was engaging and entertaining, but also educating as we learned how to read people using John's unique set of suggestions. I particularly loved [...] his eye opening rules looking at people and how they look to decide on their probable characters.  [...] I highly recommend John, even more so in the current times when you are looking for different ways to connect with and to motivate your team and connections”

    Mike Ogilvie
    The Profit Team at x5 Accountants
  • "Our sales and marketing team has had two sessions... Morale is high, HQ is happy and we are looking forward to the third session. This stuff works!"

    Phil Roberson - Sales Director, HTC



  • TT Electronics, Ericsson, Facebook, Million Dollar Round Table, Institute of Financial Planners, The Property Academy, Crossrail, Vodafone, Nuffield Health
  • AXA Wealth, Fugro, UN FAO, HTC, Investec, Samsung, Roche, AbbVie, VMware, GSK, Reckitt Benkiser, CIONET, Blizzard Entertainment, Vistage International
  • the Academy for Chief Executives, T-Mobile, Deloitte, Freudenberg Group, EADS,
  • Microsoft, Metropolitan Police Service, Investec Bank, Cooperative Travel Service, 3D Design, Lloyds Bank